[deepfry pumpkin is beautiful] _ pumpkin _ does _ how to do –

[deepfry pumpkin is beautiful] _ pumpkin _ does _ how to do –

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It is OK that a lot of people do not know pumpkin is spent edible, little imagine, pumpkin flower tastes not only faint scent is goluptious, and the nutrient value with still be had fair and action of officinal health care, be helpful for human body health. In the meantime, scamper pumpkin flower also is the cooking method of a kind of common pumpkin flower, get of a lot of people like. So, what is the way that scamper pumpkin spends?

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Deepfry pumpkin is beautiful

Above all, pumpkin flower had better choose the bud that has not grown, such mouthfeel will be better the stamen that picks pumpkin flower first, the green outside is petaline also pick off, mix the pollen inside next dirty stuffLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Wash clean. If you still are not at ease, can put pumpkin flower in weak brine to immerse 20 minutes next, bubble of the leach that use salt is for the insect in drive flower. Again dry moisture of fish out drop reserves.

Deepfry pumpkin is beautiful

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In clean container, put flour, amylaceous, egg, salt to mix, add a few water agitate even. Put pumpkin flower into panada, let wrap outside the flower above burnt. The egg is joined to be able to make colour and lustre more bright-coloured in panada, and flavour need not hang panada inside brighter pumpkin flower, on one is wrapped outside can.

Finally, right amount oil is added in boiler, after heat waiting for oil, put pumpkin to spend decoct blast. Till show golden yellow can fish out, drop strikes oil, install1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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In dish.

Deepfry pumpkin is beautiful

The pumpkin flower with fine blast should take the advantage of hot satisfy a craving having ability, outside crisp inside soft, plusSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Pumpkin spends peculiar faint scent, bear notA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Live to eat a few more. Use pumpkin flower to make this food, not only can hairdressing is raised colour, more together god-given delicate!

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