[encyclopedia of puerpera noodle practice] how does _ postpartum _ do –

[encyclopedia of puerpera noodle practice] how does _ postpartum _ do –

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After the puerpera just was giving birth to the child, taste loses quite relatively, should eat food of a few easy digestive at that time, e.g. noodle namely a kind of first-rate food, it is digested easily, and still canForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Enough stimulative intestines and stomach is absorbed, when making noodle to the puerpera, a few green vegetables can be put inside, put a few nourishing to feed capable person, below weForum of Shanghai night net

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Will see encyclopedia of puerpera noodle practice.

Encyclopedia of puerpera noodle practice

One, noodle of green vegetables shelled fresh shrimps

Cookbook raw material

Advocate makings: Noodle (standard pink) 500 grams shelled fresh shrimps heart of 200 grams cole 350 gramsFall in love with the sea

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Condiment: Green Chinese onion 10 grams ginger 5 grams salt 5 grams gourmet powder 2 grams cooking wine 10 grams egg 1 gram starch (pea) 5 grams peanut oil 50 grams

Encyclopedia of puerpera noodle practice

The method that make

1, chicken broth boil, join a few refined salt, gourmet powder, reserve; general green is abluent, cut end to reserve.

2, shelled fresh shrimps abluent, drop does water, put inside the bowl, join refined salt, starch and egg white to mix divide evenly, reserve.

3, will fry right amount peanut oil is entered inside boiler, burn to 7 when becoming heat, putNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Shelled fresh shrimps is fried medicinal powder, join onion powder, Jiang Mo, cooking wine and gourmet powder, fry ripe can.

4, take additionally fry boiler to pour peanut oil, burn when coming to be heated up most probably, put abluent rape heart to use flourishing baked wheaten cake to color to become deep, put refined salt, gourmet powder to fry divide evenly, can give boiler.

5, in putting noodle boiling water bowl, boil when rising to float, add a few cold water, when the boil that need water, scoop up noodle the bowl inside, put fry shelled fresh shrimps and green vegetables heart, join the chicken broth of boil, can edible.

Applicable crowd

Pregnant terminal accurate mom

Healthy clew

This dish filling empty raises a body, with Yu Zhuang be good at kidney recuperates the waist.

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Fall in love with the sea
2, tomato egg face

Material: Noodle, tomato, egg, salt, gourmet powder, balm, old Jiang Pian


1, two tomato are abluent section, two eggs dolly, salt is added in egg fluid, an old Jiang Pian is mincing;

2, oil is put inside boiler, oily heat pours egg fluid to fry egg flower, fill a;

3, put oil additionally, oily heat explodes sweet ginger is broken, pour tomato to break up fry, wait for tomato to give water the egg the flower falls to be fried a little while together (can add candy of little Bai Sha, if you dislike the word with tomato too sour taste, but add little only) ;

4, add water to boil tasty next (water can be compared when doing boiling water a bit some more) . Can boil on 5 minutes probably, fill next go out, add salt (salt wants many somes of) , gourmet powder, balm.

5, remove one boiler additionally to turn on the water the face that boil, the side is good fill the face bowl of tomato soup namely, scatter on caraway, appetizing face was finished.

3, aubergine face

Material: Aubergine 1, green pepper 1/2, element flesh 20 grams, play a side 1 bundle (make an appointment with 120 grams)

Encyclopedia of puerpera noodle practice


1, aubergine is abluent, cut man, green pepper goes seed, abluent, cut man, element flesh bubble is soft, mincing.

2, water is burned, put noodle to thoroughly cook fish out, put into face bowl.

3, burn heat first half cups of oil, aubergine blast soft fish out, cross green pepper fish out incidentally, open oil again, join other flavoring and week of element ground meat to fry next.

4, join aubergine and green pepper, fry divide evenly to fill piece, irrigate in the edible on noodle.

Delicious recipe:

1, after aubergine cuts man, had better pass with brine, scamper good color is more beautiful, oily Wen Gaoyi is nodded relatively won’t inspiratory too much oil.

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2, aubergine and green pepper are burned too long color is not good-looking, do not mix too early so.

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