Xin Jin ” Duan Zi hand ” resume of data of Chan Jixiang of dean of museum of the Imperial Palace’s individual

Xin Jin ” Duan Zi hand ” resume of data of Chan Jixiang of dean of museum of the Imperial Palace’s individual

Must not buy the luggage claim tag of the Imperial Palace, too beautiful lose easily when the more main leader comes, we must visit bad place to him a paragraph of video of Chan Jixiang of dean of museum of the Imperial Palace made a speech 2017 fire, this paragraph of video comes from 2015, he shared story of the Imperial Palace not only, return witticism in rapid succession, netizens sigh with emotion is a Duan Zi hand that is delayed.

From ” I repair cultural relic in the Imperial Palace ” to ” national treasure ” , clean out treasure to arrive from the Imperial Palace net red dean, museum of these two years of the Imperial Palace is really extremely popular. Recently, cover journalist ( museum of the Imperial Palace on connection, heat up the topic that discuss to the netizen, chan Jixiang had a response. To the appellation of hand of net red Duan Zi, he expresses: I feel I hold out gravity.

Data sources: Network of Chinese Communist news

Cover news: The video that you make a speech is abrupt the network has your moment, everybody appellation hand of your Duan Zi, how do you look to this?

Chan Jixiang: The netizen often says I tell Duan Zi, actually I am taletelling, I feel I hold o爱上海龙凤419桑拿

ut gravity. Tell good China story to want to use vivid language, story of the Imperial Palace is too much, 3 days of 3 night are not told.

Cover news: You also mention area of museum of the Imperial Palace when the speech finite, tibet is tasted numerous, a lot of Tibet are tasted had never met with the audience. What does the Imperial Palace have to plan in this respect?

Chan Jixiang: According to the case that museum of the Imperial Palace shows at present, more than 10000 Tibet that exhibit every year are tasted, with more than 1.86 million (set) Tibet tastes gross for really too little, so the extend job of the Imperial Palace did not stop all the time.

2002, museum of the Imperial Palace begins ancient construction when integral protection is reparative, the open area of the Imperial Palace is occupied only 30% ; To 2015 museum of the Imperial Palace builds a courtyard 90 years, open area already amounted to the Imperial Palace 65% ; To 2020, 80% what museum of the Imperial Palace will reach gross area to open area of the public; 2025, museum of the Imperial Palace will greet hundred years courtyard to celebrate, open space hopeful is achieved 85% .

Besides the addition of open area, we also held a lot of exhibitions. Forbidden City and maritime the Silk Road were exhibited on May 9, 2017 in midday exhibition hall of building of Men Xiyan wing is opened to the public; The Imperial Palace roused house of cultural relic of billow island foreign country to rouse billow island to open a shop in Xiamen on May 13, 2017; In June 2017, the hall that raise a heart is exhibited greatly be about to hold in Hong Kong, the hold court from behind a screen, 3 people familiar to the ear such as rare hall can in the hall raising a heart that the setting of detailed is recovering from an illness nearly be able to emersion. These effort still will last, we want orderly land, taste these cultural relic Tibet of the Imperial Palace ceaselessly blend in a society morely in the center.

Cover news: Two this years the Imperial Palace rolled out a lot of article to start a product, suffer fully love, but also hostage doubt article starts a product insufficient gravity, how do you look?

Chan Jixiang: According to bureau of national cultural relic relevant survey result, the product of museum culture originality of 70% above of our country year all sale is not worth 5 million yuan, not only sale is small, the level of commodity itself also is put in very big question. Civil the focal point that achieves a product is in achieve, the end that leaves own design still has very Sunday run.

In December 2008, government of the Imperial Palace cleans out treasure flagship store to found, this is the museum that home opens the government the first times to sell net store, the Imperial Palace cleans out treasure inn to already had the vermicelli made from bean starch of more than 650 thousand person at present.

The audience of the Imperial 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

Palace is very much, spread all over all trades and professions, each age paragraph, the whole nation even global each district, because this article starts a product,be about to cover each arrangement. We have the product of Da of bud of a few bud, satisfy partial audience, this kind of product is occupied only about 5% . Basically be media reports more, the public thinks article of the Imperial Palace is achieved very bud, actually this part is occupied only 5% . We also combine the culture need of diverse social community, research and development other product.

Cover news: The birthday that 2020 is Forbidden City 600 years old, you上海同城对对碰交友社区

also are mentioned in the speech should strong beautiful Forbidden City is complete give next 600 years, does at present relevant job make progress how?

Chan Jixiang: What the State Council made clear museum of the Imperial Palace is medium long-term goal, 2020, namely when Forbidden City builds 600 years, museum of basic 新上海贵族宝贝论坛

implementation the Imperial Palace enters the health of safe stability, comprehensive promotion manages and serve a level, cavalcade of stride world top-ranking museum. This also is us the dream of the Imperial Palace of person of this generation the Imperial Palace.

Build restful the Imperial Palace above all, the content that whole of ancient building of the Imperial Palace protects reparative peace to bring project of the Imperial Palace is the health that makes Gu Jianqun of the Imperial Palace can restore it, lengthen life delay year, on the other hand action is to make the open limits of museum of the Imperial Palace expands gradually. In the Imperial Palace ancient building whole protects the day that reparative project finishs, open to the audience area will achieve museum of the Imperial Palace 80% ;

Want to build academic the Imperial Palace next, distinctive the Imperial Palace. Academy of the Imperial Palace and museum of palace of hereat of institute of the Imperial Palace change academic research organization and educational orgnaization at the international that held water 2013. Museum of the Imperial Palace still devotes oneself to to build Ch新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

inese ancient time to build Tibet of cultural relic of base of protective inheritance nation, China to taste science and technology to protect national base construction to wait;

It is the Imperial Palace that builds everybody next, the Imperial Palace of the wo上海龙凤论坛sh1f

rld. Museum is the mark of social civilization degree, progress in inheritance history culture, stimulative society, reinforce common culture service, improve public science the respect such as artistic appreciation is producing main effect. Museum of the Imperial Palace makes cultural relic vivid rise ceaselessly, become the Imperial Palace that serves world of the Imperial Palace at everybody, trend. (cover journalist is like Ru Dan)

Original title: Xin Jin ” Duan Zi hand ” Chan Jixiang of dean of museum of the Imperial Palace: I feel I hold out serious responsibility edition: Cao Rui

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