4 reinforcing steel bar are perforative doctor of many section office combines the worker rescue 8 hours of miracles survive

4 reinforcing steel bar are perforative doctor of many section office combines the worker rescue 8 hours of miracles survive

One worker by 4 reinforcing steel bar perforative 8 hours of rescue his miracle survives

Doctor of many section office combines the person that rescue is hurt

On January 9 afternoon, guangzhou sea bead area Zhang Yuan of a worker (alias) decline when construction, the body by 4 reinforcing steel bar perforative, life on the verge of death or destruction. Guangdong saves hospital of the 2nd people, Guangdong to saved lash-up hospital to open green channel for him urgent rescue. After be being rescued greatly jointly through 8 hours, zhang Yuan broke away from life danger. Current, style of Zhang Yuansheng life asks for stability.

The man declines in building site get hurt

Zhang Yuan of 43 years old did not want to attend a meeting unexpected order hangs a gleam of. That day 14 when make 30 minutes, zhang Yuan declines in building site carelessly get hurt, the fellow worker of the spot, fireman rescues them instantly, send past province 2 cure cure by car of 120 emergency treatment. Save Cai Jiaju of doctor of family of 2 cure emergency call to report patient case to the hospital on emergency treatment car, have the examination before the art such as exsanguinate, infusion and treatment for the patient.

Meanwhile, save 2 cure to start deliverance instantly beforehand case, urgent call together a courtyard Neigeke diagnoses tegether toward emergency call division before the ex上海龙凤论坛sh1f

pert. When Zhang Yuan is sent emergency call division, numerous doctor been awaitinging him. The patient is weighed to danger of affection of the injury after the courtyard, because of 4 reinforcing steel bar perforative already bosom, abdomen reachs the significant position such as pelvic cavity, if not equestrian begin art, the patient may pass because of body internal haemorrhage much and endanger life! Cai Jiaju tells a reporter.

The hospital already opened green passageway to have urgent operation for Zhang Yuan, without seam a butt joint to arrive surgery. Below the organization that teachs a ministry medical treatment division in hospital doctor, more than 10 cure protect the section office such as division of surgery of make water of surgery of the emergency call division, anaesthetic division, 2 divisions outside surgery of breadth of mind, orthopaedics, general, rachis, secrete, blood transfusion, ICU personnel immediately began life and death to be rescued greatly.

The operation lasts 8 many hours

Zhang Yuan’s circumstance special in a extremely dangerous state. His whole body by 4 reinforcing steel bar perforative, reinforcing steel bar crossed the many significant position such as right prothorax wall, left bosom, back, left small abdomen, pelvic cavity, left thigh. Because the body inserts full reinforcing stee上海同城对对碰交友社区

l bar, zhang Yuan cannot be put to operating-table even. The expert can go up in litter bed only urgent carry out cure of the first pace, the reinforcing steel bar inside wall of right prothorax of the person that will hurt and left thigh is preferential piece, the reinforcing steel上海夜网

bar that expresses dew in body subsequently as far as possible cut is divided, the patient can be made the same score after lying, move to operating-table again, take out private parts reinforcing steel bar. The process is here medium, the expert discovers his celiac injury is ver爱上海同城论坛

y serious, flesh of rectum, stomach, midriff burst, after making 阿爱上海同城

processing temporarily, it is patient posture commutation again on the right side of lie, complete the most dangerous operation, pull out namely bosom of last be well versed in, abdominal reinforcing steel bar.

Guangdong saves Wang Wenlin of doctor of director of surgery of breadth of mind of hospital of the 2nd people, chairman to explain: Reinforcing steel bar is inserted very greatly, thorax of be well versed in, celiac, by nonstop rachis, get stuck it is among bone Ga, want purify not only dangerous and difficult, 4 doctors spent we and urological department together massive effort just takes out reinforcing steel bar, whol上海龙凤论坛sh1f

e process soul-stirring, endanger patient life possibly not carefully a bit!

After muscle of last bar iron is taken out, patient posture is put again smooth, by common surgery the expert finishs abdominal and traumatic further processing finally. Whole rescue operation lasts 8 many hours.

Civil / cc of abundant of reporter of evening paper of graph sheep wall

Trainee Xu charming is foreign

Shi Gaolong of reporter Zhu Lu

Original title: One worker by 4 reinforcing steel bar responsibility of survival of 8 hours of miracles edits perforative rescue: Cao Rui

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