One robot burns Austria oneself for the whole world first ” the suicide ” robot

One robot burns Austria oneself for the whole world first ” the suicide ” robot

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Robot ” burn oneself ” the spot

The net austral Fujian dispatch will report recently according to Austrian media on November 15, the whole world first robots ” the suicide ” incident causes attention. According to the report, an Austria family bought one small robot, it everyday work even if pour rubbish. One day is in finishing hind, it unexpectedly oneself ” start ” climb furnace limit, “Push ” the boiler above jumps into fiery pit, make the whole world first ” the suicide ” robot.

When Austria Jixiduofu’s firemen drives robot host to Home GernotHackl when, the Roomba760 robot on kitchen stove already melt into is cindery. Local media says, because this robot that IRobot company produces suffers enough domestic trivial matters, and the choice is burned oneself.

House-owner says, what this small robot uses a help to clean involuntary discharge of urine of family person breakfast to fall is residual, after the job that finish, shut the switch of the robot. The family left a room later. But do not know why, this him robot was started, still climbed furnace, push open the boiler on furnace ” the suicide ” . Wait for host to return the home in, the robot is the one caboodle on furnace already cindery. As a result of the robot ” burn oneself ” the smother that bring about damaged a building, now Hackl already nowhere lives, he plans to apply f上海千花社区

or to compensate for to robot company.

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